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Henrik Rosvall
Coach To Champions

As President of In The Zone Institute, Henrik has over 25 years of speaking and coaching experience on such topics as mindset, leadership, team building and high performance. A highly sought-after international motivational speaker, coach and author, Henrik shares his World Class Mindset Philosophy with businesses, teams and athletes around the world. World Class Mindset programs include Keynotes & Breakouts, Elite Coaching, Platinum Masterminds, Home Study Courses, and exclusive VIP retreats.



Henrik was completely paralyzed from his chest down. The doctors told Henrik and his family that he likely would never walk again. Ever. In what became The Ultimate Case Study in the power of having a World Class Mindset, Henrik was able to defy the odds. Through thousands of hours of very deliberate therapy and training, he has learned to walk again. Even from the very beginning of his paralysis, Henrik never wanted to recover. Why not? Because in his mind, recovering meant getting back to where he was before the paralysis. He reasoned that obviously the paralysis had occurred for a reason, with lessons attached to it. If his goal was to recover, the lessons would surely show up again in the future. Instead, Henrik decided that he wanted to transform. He wanted to create new normals, with new standards and new perspectives.


This message of transformation is a message that is very well received by audiences worldwide. The world is ever changing, which means that we need to constantly evolve and change with the times. Trying to go back to how something was in the past is not a success strategy.

Being on this Journey has given Henrik a completely new perspective on life, which he uses to inspire, motivate and empower teams and individuals to take responsibility, set new standards, and “play life.”


Original Shark on TV Hit Show, Shark Tank

Inventor of The Infomercial and Founder of As Seen On TV, Sales over $5+ Billion

Henrik’s World Class Mindset Program is amazing. The principles he teaches will improve your sales, profits and relationships!


Tennis Hall of Famer

On and off the court, Henrik is one of the best coaches in the world!


Chief, National Parks Service Concessions Program

Henrik, you kicked off our three-day conference with a bang. Your energy really set the tone for our whole conference. I look forward to working with you again in the near future.

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